What's in a name?

Why Nola Gifts? It's a question I get asked, a lot! After all, apart from the 'gifts' part of our name, it doesn't seem to relate to what we sell and do right? So let me explain.....

When I first started selling online (many moons ago!) it began with a conversation between me and my mum about wanting to be able to find beautiful things to give as gifts all in one location. An easy shopping solution coupling quality items with free delivery and first class customer service.

We debated, planned and soon the idea for the very first website was hatched and due to it's success, it wasn't long before I was thinking about opening a real life shop to compliment it. The name was set to be Nola, my mum's name, and she was going to be my partner in the business.

Sadly, before we had the chance to see it happen though, my mum got ill and in 3 short weeks had passed away from cancer. The hole she left in our lives was huge.

As a massive thank you for her original business idea and not least because she was the most amazing, strong, sweet, loving and kind person I ever met, there really was only one name that I could choose when launching this website. As a tribute to her, Nola Gifts was born.